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Born and bred in the USA, I have literally been around the world and back again. I am a retired military veteran, and have been to war four times. Now, I narrate audiobooks full-time. I started back in 2018 with some divine direction, and am absolutely loving it! Keep scrolling to hear samples of my work.

Listener Testimonials

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The narration was absolutely brilliant. James Cheatham did a fantastic job capturing each character with the excitement and enthusiasm or sorrow (depending on the moment) with the perfect level of intensity.
The narrator has a great voice and reads in such a way that you are able to actually absorb the story. I liked his character diversity and even though his voice is deep he was able to make a decent female voice. Great diversity.
The narrator is fabulous and gives the Western feel, twang and gruffness that’s just right.
The narrator did amazing, he captured the time, the characters and the story in a masterful way. He made me very happy to listen to this story over reading it myself. It was unlike any story I’ve read before, in a good way.

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